Network Improvement & Maintenance


A network is as reliable as its weakest link. Give your network the stability you deserve.

Secure your network

Is your office or home connection secured adequately from outside attacks and breaches?

Protect your family & staff

Protect your family and staff from undesirable content with a host of solutions available.

Block porn, p2p and violent content.

Access your network externally

Do you need the ability to access your internal network when outside your network?

Kruuse IT can assist you with this requirement.

WAN Fail-over

Looking for automatic intenet failover? Tired of not having a backup option?

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How can we improve our home or office network?

This is a common question we often get asked.

The simple answer is to identify traffic coming into your network from outside and traffic leaving your network for the world wide web (www).

If you can filter all your traffic and drop the unwanted traffic, this will not only improve your network but will also go a long way to protecting your devices and network from malicious software and software trying to "call home".

We're great fans of caching common content, such as images, video and automatic updates. By installing inline caching technology, we can drastically influence the amount of daily downloaded content on your network, alleviating the need to re-download the same content. This ultimately improves network performance and all your devices remain connected to the outside world.

Every small to medium-sized network should benefit from such a service and the great news is that its not out of your establishments budget.

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Needing a wifi hotspot for Airbnb?



Having functional, reliable wifi is a must when opening your doors to the public for bed and breakfast purposes.

Most Airbnb startup clients don't have the budget to install a dedicated internet connection just for their visitors, so the visitors share the connection with you and your family.

This is not only a security risk,but also opens your own private network to possible exploit.

Kruuse IT can assist in setting up a self-managed wifi hotspot with bandwidth controls and firewall rules to keep your guest house clients separate from your private network.

Looking to extend your wifi coverage throughout your garden, patio or outside entertainment area? Let us assist you.

Kruuse IT can also provide managed services to our clients, where your guests internet access is controlled by our team.

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We love technology and connectivity. We're all about advancement and improving productivity at the office as well as at home.


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